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Don’t tell me how to enable JavaScript

Tell me why I should enable it.

I was just linked, from a random <noscript> tag, to http://www.enable-javascript.com. And I have to say that I believe these guys are completely missing it.

It was from a typical startup landing page, except I had to enable javascript to even get access to the pitch of what the startup is about. Without js off, there was nothing. Just a message telling me to enable js.

While, on the first thought, this might seem perfectly reasonable, think about it for a second. Have you, ever, used a browser where Javascript was off by default and you had to enable it ? Have you, ever, turned Javascript off without realising it ?

On the other hand, what is the profile of the typical guy browsing with JS off or blocked ? I’m going to surprise you: someone who wants JS to be off or blocked. Someone who is thus actually pretty tech-savvy, and who actually took the time to wade through his browser’s configuration to find the switch to turn off javascript. Or someone who uses NoScript, or equivalent browser extension.

And guess what, if I managed to find the switch once, I can go back and find it again. Or, most likely, whitelist you in NoScript.

But you’ll have to convince me.

And no, sending me to dummy instructions without even showing me a glimpse of what I’m missing isn’t going to cut it. Your app needs js ? I understand that. I’m ready to enable it for you, if it’s worth it. I do that all the time.

You want to impress me ? Ask me to whitelist you in [favorite browser extension] and show me awesome screenshots of what I’m missing. You may get me as an user. But please, don’t tell me to go to my browser configuration and turn js on. This is.. insulting. And perfectly useless.

Note: the other user profile is an user with a browser that doesn’t support javascript. A console-based browser, like links, a minimalist browser, like those on basic phones, or a curl/wget/fetch based script, for crawling, etc. Instructions for Opera/IE/Firefox/Chrome aren’t likely to be very helpful.

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